Welcome to Expand

Expand by Disruptive Live and Compare the Cloud is a new service designed to take your traditional webinar content and supercharge it for a new, more demanding, tech-savvy audience.

A first of its kind, and a blue print for the future, Expand brings together three key disruptive elements:


  • Live Studio Production


Using the latest live studio techniques our experienced production team works with your presenters to make their presentations engaging and visually appealing to viewers accustom to slick productions.

Filmed at Disruptive Studios, in the heart of London’s South Bank, each Webinar uses a familiar ‘live talk’ format allowing your audience to actually see and engage with your presenter. Gone are the days of boring voice over PowerPoint, now, as well as their trusty slides, presenters can call upon a host of sophisticated, on-camera, visual aides to grab attention and make your content more memorable.


  • Live Broadcast


There’s always been something to be said about doing it ‘LIVE’. Live content is dynamic with an element of realism that recorded material simply doesn’t have. The ‘risk’ of making a mistake and the idea of ‘the show must go on’ are, we believe, essential to getting today’s audience to engage and pay attention.

Recognising this, or arguably driving it, is social media with all the major players developing powerful new live streaming tools. The Social Webinar harnesses these to deliver your content to an almost limitless audience through a platform they’re used to using on a device of their choice – no plugins, downloads or dodgy connections!

Target your audience(s) where they like to hang out, whether that’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or YouTube and if one channel isn’t enough then why not broadcast to several at once.


  • Live ‘Social’ Interaction


Using the native functionality of social media participants can ask questions, post responses and even upload media, which the presenter can see and respond to live on-camera. So instead of presenting and waiting till the end for Q&A you and your team, or even the participants themselves, can interact with one another improving communication and promoting a sense of participation.

Why does the conversation have to stop at the end of the show? Well it doesn’t. By broadcasting on your own social channels you create a rich source of high-quality, sticky, content that people can consume and interact with long after the cameras stop rolling. And it doesn’t stop there, why not embed the content on your website, partner portal or future marketing campaign to further drive traffic and build a following?

So what are you waiting for?